Crochet Ribbed Scarf. It’s like knitting, only better!


Knitted scarves are beautiful and soft, but a crocheter wants to crochet! Crochet is faster than knitting, and is great for producing nice chunky stitches. But too often, crochet scarves turn out awkward and stiff, lacking the nice drape and softness of knit. Determined to make a warm, soft, beautiful crochet scarf, I set out on my quest to find the perfect way to crochet a scarf.

I experimented with a lot of stitches to find one that would look nice (on both sides of the piece, because who wants a one-sided scarf?), would feel nice (not too dense, and with soft and smooth stitches), and that would work up quickly.

What I finally settled on is this beautiful ribbed variation of a half double crochet stitch. I love the look and feel of scarves made using this stitch.

Here’s how it’s done:

Start with a row of half double crochet (hdc).

The following rows will all be worked in the ribbed hdc variation. The only difference between a normal hdc and the ribbed variation is with where you insert your hook. Hdc stitches create an extra horizontal loop below the ‘V’ where you would normally insert your hook. To create hdc ribbing, you will insert the hook through that extra loop instead of through the V.

Some pictures to help:

The image below shows the hook inserted through the V, like a normal hdc. This is not how you will complete this stitch.

The next image shows the hook inserted in the horizontal loop. Continue hdc through these horizontal loops, and you will create the ribbing, it’s that easy!

You won’t really start to see the ribbing effect until after a few rows, and it tends to look strange on a short piece (like the swatch below). So don’t give up on it too soon! It really is a simple and beautiful stitch, especially for a scarf.

Making the Scarf 

Once you have the hang of the ribbed half double crochet stitch, making a scarf is a lot of fun. The scarf is worked up lengthwise, so the length of the starting chain determines the length of your scarf, and the number of rows determines the scarf’s width. I’ll walk you through how to figure out how long your starting chain should be.

**If you don’t want to calculate and don’t care about the exact length of your scarf, just make a chain wide enough that you can hold it in both hands and stretch your arms wide. Then, add 10-20 more stitches, and start crocheting your scarf!

You can use any size yarn, but I recommend not using special fuzzy yarns because they will hide the ribbing – this stitch looks best with a standard yarn. I’ve used cotton, wool, acrylic, and more, and all have worked well, just not fuzzy yarns.

I recommend a hook that is a size smaller than you would typically use with your yarn – the ribbing turns out best when the stitches aren’t too loose.

First step: Crochet a swatch

The best way to calculate how many stitches you will need is to start by crocheting a swatch. To create a swatch, chain 15 stitches. Complete 5 rows of the half double crochet ribbed stitch.

Measure the 10 stitches in the middle of the swatch and write this measurement down. You will use it to calculate the number of stitches needed to complete the scarf.

The swatch I created measures about 2.75 in. for each 10 stitches.

Determine the length of the chain

Now we need to use our swatch measurement to determine how many chains to make to get the desired scarf length. Between 6-8 feet (183-244 cm) is usually a good length. I’ll shoot for 6 feet for this example. First, I’ll convert that to inches. There are 12 inches in a foot, so my 6 foot scarf will be 72 inches.

So how many 10-stitch segments does it take to reach 72 inches? Here’s a simple formula:

Scarf Length / Swatch Measurement = X

Plugging in my numbers I get:

72 in. / 2.75 in. = approx. 26

So I will need 26 10-stitch segments to complete the scarf. In other words, I will need 260 stitches.

The width

Just keep adding rows until you like the width of your scarf. Not sure what width a scarf should be? Between 5 – 7 inches (12-18 cm) is usually a good standard size.

And you’re done! No finishing off needed.

I love using this stitch for scarves, but it’s also beautiful for blankets. I’m sure there are other applications as well, play around with it and let me know what you come up with! Also, if anything is unclear, feel free to ask for some help or clarification. Thanks for reading 🙂

I heard you, readers. This post didn’t have enough instruction on how to actually make a scarf. After almost 7 years, I’ve finally improved the post. I hope you enjoy it! Please continue to leave your comments and questions.

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602 Comments on "Crochet Ribbed Scarf. It’s like knitting, only better!"

How many chains is the scarf. how many rows is he scarf.


Is there a pattern? Someone mentioned in the picture? Not seeing it. I have read that you chain 60 using an H hook……anymore help?


I need help! Is there a video of this? I’m new to this and am struggling finding the horizontal bar below the v


Are you able to see the lavender yarn in the picture? Just insert the hook into the bottom of the lavender loop – I’ve made a few of these scarves and they’re very easy.


How many chains 60? Do you do HDC for the first row?


Very cool stitch! Easy once you get going. Really!


Thanks for this, I’ve never done this stitch before but my friend found it on here and she showed me how it looks. I will try it out. Yes it does look like knitting..


It was quick and fun to do… how do i add a pic of what i have done

lee milne

Please please tell me how many stitches, crochet hook # and any other pertinent info for me to do this great looking acarf. Thx


How can I get the pattern? I have hit everything above and it won’t open. I love the scarf! I’m curious how many stitches to start and what size hook did you use? Thanks in advance for a wonderful pattern!


I just finished one. For an adult I started with a chain 60″. I used a #4 yarn named “With Love” because it’s so soft and a G hook. I put a 4″ fringe on each end. It cost me $3.50. Tonight I am beginning one for a child and starting with a 38″ chain.


Excuse me, I used and H hook for the adult and G hook for the girls.

Marta Guthier

Beautiful scarf,have done headbands and they are stretchy and beautiful


This is not the same pattern. You are using a different loop than the horizontal one below the hdc. Beautiful though.

Dawn Powers

Pattern please


the pattern is at the top of the page in pictures.


Where in the picture is the pattern? I can’t find it….

Dawn Powers

Do you chain so may bfore actually beg hdc?


yes, I chained 60″ for adult, 38″ for a child.


so are you saying crochet one row of double crochet alternating with one row of hdc? directions are quite vague

I must not be doing this correctly. I’m struggling pulling the hook through the second stitch. I have to stop and widen the stitch. Takes too long to do one hdc. Suggestions?

Regina Lind

How many hdc to make what size scarf?


I love this idea for a knit look from crochet. I definitely will have to try this. Thank you for the pattern

Do you have a hat pattern to match this great scarf?

Sylvia DSouza

The world is so gifted. But what makes it more special , is, that people share their ideas and projects because of their generosity and kindness. Thank you so much. May you get mor ideas


Is there an actual pattern for this? It looks great I want to make one for my granddaughter.

Bonnie Brown

How many chains to start, type of wool don’t like too bulky crochet hook size

Bonnie Brown

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Nancy Giles

Granddaughter saw ready made blankets in store made with bulky yarn. Trying to copy pattern which looks like knitting (which I don’t do). Yours looks much like picture she took. Want to do for Christmas. Want to make about 6′ x 3.5′. Not sure how much yarn to purchase doing half double crochet with ribbing??

howmany chains to start scarf?


Did you find out how many chains to start?

I’ve been making scarves in this manner this season and in different stitches too. I’ve found that for HDC a foundation chain of 205 / 210 gives a good couple ties around the neck and still leave nice crochet hanging down. But I like to make mine just about 5″ wide so folks don’t drown in bulk. I now Only use vertical stitching for scarves because of how pliable for a hand made look instead of a home made look. Oh, you’ve got to try Lion Brand Unique yarn in Garden. Beautiful stripes, no changing colors. Knitting Warehouse on line… Read more »

Oh, The Lion Brand Unique yarn is a #5 bulky @ 109 yds. It took 2 + a smidge of a third skein for my scarf. The yarn is a dream to work with too. I actually used a 6.5 hook with loosish stitches.

Ana Lemus

soo beautiful ❤️❤️

Can u do this in bulky yarn I have tried patterns for bulky and I really don’t think they all that nice so yours looks nice so since I have bulky yarn (alot)I just thought I wouldask